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Non-metallic mineral processing

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Mountain Pass rare earth mine Process

Non-metallic mineral processing

Rare earth mine Process and equipments,Rare earth ore beneficiation

The Mountain Pass rare earth mine is an open-pit mine of rare earth elements (REEs) on the south flank of the Clark Mountain Range and just north of the unincorporated community of Mountain Pass, California, United States. The mine, owned by Molycorp Inc..

Nature of the Mountain Pass rare earth mine

Mountain Pass rare earth mine Fu 8 km long and 2.4 km thick carbonate ore bodies, irregular pulse-like output. Containing calcite in the ore from 40% to 60%, with barite and celestite from 20% to 35%, 8% of the containing quartz, and contains a small amount of apatite, galena, hematite, etc. Rare earth ore minerals bastnaesite, and contains a very small amount of monazite. Coarse grain size of rare earth minerals disseminated in the ore, rare earth an average grade of 7% to 8% of REO.

Rare earth mine beneficiation Processing

The bastnäsite ore was finely ground, and subjected to froth flotation to separate the bulk of the bastnäsite from the accompanying barite, calcite, and dolomite. Marketable products include each of the major intermediates of the ore dressing process: flotation concentrate, acid-washed flotation concentrate, calcined acid-washed bastnäsite, and finally a cerium concentrate, which was the insoluble residue left after the calcined bastnäsite had been leached with hydrochloric acid.

Mountain Pass rare earth mine beneficiation process flow diagram

The lantbmides that dissolved as a result of the acid treatment were subjected to solvent extraction, to capture the europium, and purify the other individual components of the ore. A further product included a lantbmide mix, depleted of much of the cerium, and essentially all of samarium and heavier lantbmides. The calcination of bastnäsite had driven off the carbon dioxide content, leaving an oxide-fluoride, in which the cerium content had become oxidized to the less-basic quadrivalent state. However, the high temperature of the calcination gave less-reactive oxide, and the use of hydrochloric acid, which can cause reduction of quadrivalent cerium, led to an incomplete separation of cerium and the trivalent lantbmides.

Major equipment of Mountain Pass rare earth mine process

Equipment name and specifications  
0.76×1.07m Jaw crusher 1
ф16mm vibrating screen 1
Cone crusher(ф1.37m) 1
1.17×1.37 Impact crusher 1
1.83×3.05m Rod mill 1
ф254mm Cyclone  
2.75×1.52m Ball mill 1
ф1.83×2.74m Stirred tank 6
1.7m3 Flotation machine 12
3.66×4.88m Ball mill 1

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